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Companies and organizations make a tremendous contribution to our mission of building unity and capacity in the Detroit community.

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Since 1979, the Detroit Association of Black Organizations (DABO) has uplifted, unified, and empowered Detroit’s African American community through various programs, initiatives, and events. DABO is a federation of over 130 black, and non-black organizations working to build community unity. Ready to join us?

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When you sponsor the Detroit Association of Black Organizations, you help further support our mission and reach thousands of people.

Why Us?
DABO assists the Black community in gaining the necessary skills to:

  • achieve maximum empowerment
  • foster and uphold dignity and integrity
  • advance the cultural, economic, political, and social interests of the Black community at the local, state, national and international level
  • effectively build bridges, achieve mutual understandings, pursue shared goals and resolve shared concerns with the non-Black community
  • secure funds to support educational and charitable causes that will serve a demonstrable, constructive, interest or need of the Black community