How It All Started…

The Detroit Association of Black Organizations (DABO) was founded in 1979 by the late Horace Sheffield, Jr. (1916-1995). He left behind an astounding legacy in both Detroit and the nation as he worked tenaciously not only for union workers in Detroit but for all human rights. Throughout his lifetime, Sheffield Jr. used his multi-faceted careers as an autoworker, politician and journalist to fight for the community and black empowerment.

As a newspaper columnist for the Detroit News and the Michigan Chronicle, moderator of a talk show for the local CBS outlet, and radio and television host, Sheffield, Jr. used the power of media to further his cause. He founded the Detroit Association of Black Organizations and served the community as a director of the Detroit NAACP.

“I had the honor of working at DABO for Horace L. Sheffield, Jr., and was blessed to witness and learn from one of the greatest civil rights, labor, and community organizers. To this very day I cherish the time we shared together and the lessons he imparted.”


Judge Greg Mathis

TV Celebrity

“It is indeed fitting that we remember those who laid the foundation upon which we stand. Horace Sheffield, Jr. not only helped to lay a foundation for civil and human rights but he crafted a blueprint for our forward movement. Many of us can see further down the road to freedom because we stand on such a solid foundation. DABO is a major part of that foundation.”

Rev. Wendell Anthony

President, NAACP